You’ve heard the buzz: “You can manifest anything you want — just through the power of your thoughts.” This theory is everywhere, in books, movies, and at your yoga class. And I agree, it’s a great idea. Overall in my life, I’ve been able to use my thoughts to create a much more peaceful and joyful existence, not to mention becoming more successful.

But there is another powerful step you can add to this equation that I believe catapults it into the stratosphere: it’s gratitude. Being thankful. Saying thank you for the good things in your life. Thanking others for their kindnesses. When you do this by sending a note of thanks to someone else, the goodness of your action and intention pays huge dividends.

Why Gratitude is So Powerful

But why is this so powerful? Let me explain.

When you write a note of thanks on paper and thereby physically express your gratitude to someone else, it gives the recipient a huge boost of good feelings. They get a note in the mail, addressed to them, which hardly ever happens these days! It’s special. It’s an event. And on top of that, sending the note gives you the same boost! And from this boost, your day gets better, their day gets better, and life in all aspects just keeps getting better and more joyful. Just from the action of giving thanks.

I discovered this gem of an idea three years ago and the goodness that I have been spreading is still paying me back 100 times over. My one little concept, which was to send out one handwritten thank you note each day, has since become a movement, a mantra {Spread Thanks}, a book, and a way of life for me and for so many people who have also embraced it.

Anything that I want in life is now flowing to me: prosperity, connections, happiness, health, and fulfilment. That’s why I say you can get anything you want through expressing gratitude.

The Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

Here are just a few concrete examples. My thank you note practice has helped me build stronger relationships with clients and customers and this makes is easier for me to meet very high targets within my sales job. My notes have helped bridge a strained emotional issue between a family member and me for which I am forever grateful. I have decreased my stress level considerably and look forward to every day, no matter what the weather is or the potential difficult meetings that might be on my agenda for that day.

In short, my sending of a note each day has led me to have more energy, consistent good health, and a sense of well-being and fulfilment that I had been striving for my whole life.

Ask yourself: do you have someone you would like to thank today? Why not pick up a pen and write that note you’ve been putting off? Gratitude is an excellent way to get more of what you really want in your life, and it’s just a note away. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences below and thank you for spreading thanks in your corner of the world.