If you want more goodness in your life, the solution is simple: send out more goodness yourself. As per the law of attraction, what we think about and what we radiate out to the world is what we attract to ourselves. This is so true. And I’ve proven it works!

Three years ago, I got a brainstorm that if I would send out one written thank you note a day, it would change my world. It sounded kind of crazy, and I was actually too busy to act on that insight right then. But sure enough — the same message came again — like a whoosh type thing, very insistent. And that second time I listened, I took action, and my life transformed before my very eyes.

The Power of Positivity

Once I started sending out a card a day, what did I see? Goodness, goodness, everywhere! People being nice to me. Helping me even when they were busy or distracted themselves. Extra money and discounts and empty parking spots showing up at just the right moment when I needed them. A serious looking plumbing issue turned out to be a simple and inexpensive fix. Even a big sales contract at work landed on my desk out of the blue!

Was all this just coincidence? No, I don’t think it was. My life before that point was OK but I didn’t feel fulfilled. I had a pretty good life overall, but I didn’t feel daily joy and niceness with such consistency. Surely, the only difference in the before and after pictures was that now that I was sending out goodness in the form of a daily card of gratitude, so much ooey-gooey goodness was coming back to me in spades.

The Power of Staying Present

There were two fabulous things that happened in my life since starting my spread thanks practice. Here’s the first one. I notice everything now because I travel through my days trying to stay in the moment. I learned to do this so I could watch for the person I should thank next. I can sincerely tell you that living in the present moment is so much more peaceful than worrying about the past or getting hung up about the future.

And here is the second fabulous thing: miraculous things keep happening. All I have to do is show up and people are smiling, they are happy to see me and serve me, happy to engage with me and buy from me, happy to give back the good energy that I am radiating out to them. It is the law of attraction at work and the beauty is it can work for anyone.

The Power of Perception

So I do love my new life, but does all this mean that every single moment of my life is only goodness and light? No. Every once and a while I feel a blow of sadness, or someone is less than kind, or some kind of minor accident might happen. But the difference is I choose to think beyond the obvious difficulty and assume it can be fixed or put right, I assume this has happened for a reason and I try to see the bigger meaning. Once I take that stance, I’m usually able to move through it to the other side.

I can’t help but attribute my new and improved life to the power of spreading thanks. Goodness and gratitude are intrinsically linked and I know that as long as I keep spreading thanks, I will keep experiencing goodness, goodness, everywhere.

It’s your turn. Why not radiate some goodness of your own today with a short thank you note to someone who’s not expecting it? I bet you’ll attract more goodness in return. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences below and thank you for spreading thanks in your corner of the world.