Gratitude knows no bounds and has no walls. I love the many ways you can express and experience thankfulness and now that summer is coming to a close, it’s time to put on your comfy shoes and step your way into gratitude.

So what if life is hectic and you wonder when the chaos of your day will ever end? There’s a quick and easy solution: get out for a quick walk. I find it’s a great way to change your headspace. I am always transformed when I get out in the fresh air regardless of the weather.

I just love being able to grab my jacket and head outdoors. My practice is to combine walking with mediation and gratitude, so I actually enjoy three great benefits at one time. It’s a super stress reliever, so much so that I try to do it at least two or three times a week. Even when I’m traveling with work, I can always get out for about a half hour to recharge.

Walking with Power

We all know that walking in itself is a powerful way to shift your mood because it naturally releases more endorphins when compared to staying seated in your car, at the office or at home. Walking briskly increases your energy level by getting your circulatory system going, and on a bright day, you’ll also enjoy a healthy boost of Vitamin D from the sun.

Once you get out and get moving, it’s time to really power up your outing. This can be done by adding in some personal thankfulness! It’s so easy. As you take each step, think about something or someone you are grateful for and say thanks. You could even hum a little tune of thanks or try repeating the words “thank you” three times for each thing that you think of that is positive or joyful in your life.

Moving with Mindfulness

As you walk, think about yourself being in your own moving meditation. Try breathing in and out very consciously and being present with yourself. Make an effort to notice the things around you, such as what nature is doing that day. Take in the vibrant colors of the flowers and trees, pay attention to the sounds you hear, and breathe in the natural scents in the air.

When I walk along like this, I am thankful for my body, my lungs, and my feet. I enjoy connecting to the ground beneath me. Even if I feel a chill or it starts to rain, I remain thankful that nature is in its right order. I always feel happy and blessed when I am out in the natural world.

Focusing On The Good

Most of my walks like this are by myself. I find that solitude is nice because it allows me to think and be grateful in my own way. But on another days, I like to take a gratitude walk with a friend or colleague. You should try it. It’s fun because you can take turns sharing the things that you are grateful for. You can even talk about ways you are thankful for each other. Friends have told me that they like to do this kind of walk with their children and grandchildren because it teaches everyone how to put the focus on the good things in their lives.

I’d love to hear how your next walk goes and what you felt grateful for as you got out into nature or just out on the street in your neighborhood. I hope you’ve discovered that gratitude can be practiced anywhere and everywhere. Thank you for sharing your experiences and for spreading thanks in your corner of the world.