Who wouldn’t want more miracles in their lives? I think everyone would and I have discovered an awesome and proven way to attract more miracles into your life.

Spreading Thanks

I do it through my practice of spreading thanks which is where I send out one handwritten thank you note each morning. When I do this, really good things happen during the day when I least expect them and I call them my “daily miracles”. It turns out that these wonderful synchronicities are a direct by-product of living and operating in a daily state of gratitude!

Being Present

Believe me, I had no idea that I would be experiencing miracles every day, in all different shapes and sizes, but I have now become a huge advocate for this whole thing. It turns out that anyone can do it! You can bring about wonderful and special daily occurrences just by living in the present moment and keeping an eye out for the goodness around you.

It sounds simple, it is simple, and it works! As part of your morning routine, carve out about five minutes to write out and send one thank you card to someone who helped you from the day before. Then keep your eyes and your heart open as you proceed through that day in order to find the person who will get your note of gratitude the following morning.

Recording Miracles

And here’s what makes this even more powerful as a daily practice! The third step is to record your “Daily Miracle” at the end of each day. All it takes is a pen and a notebook or journal. I find it very relaxing and fun to take a few thoughtful moments at the end of a crazy day to do this. I cozy up with my journal and this allows me to put the chaos of that day into context. What you’ll find is that even a day that you think might have been rather uneventful has its hidden gems.

I start by taking a deep breath and quieting my mind. Then I begin writing down the good things from that day which can be small things or big things. Think about the goodness someone offered you or the unexpected positive outcomes you experienced. For example, think about that magical moment in the midst of an overcast day when the sun suddenly popped out and lit up your world. Or maybe someone helping you found the exact solution that had been frustrating you and you both laughed at how simple it could be resolved.

Or what about when you picked up your phone, and you were dreading a call from a particularly difficult client, and it turned out instead that the call was from your closest high school friend? It had been over 10 years since you last saw them last but suddenly you hear them say they’re in your city for a few days and they finally tracked you down and could you join them for supper one evening that week? Now that’s a really awesome miracle!

I’ve even had calls from a friend who had theater tickets for a hot new show they couldn’t use after all and they wanted to offer them to me for free. Just the act of reviewing your day with thoughtful reflection causes these kinds of really lovely miracles to bubble up! It’s so cool how it happens every evening and it always makes me smile.

Now it’s your turn. Spend a few quiet moments after dinner with your pen in hand and write down the good things from your crazy day. As you record your memories, select one good thing, which can be big or small, as your own personal “daily miracle”.

Try this for a week or two and watch your miracles multiply as your world joyfully expands. Thank you for sharing your experiences below and thank you so much for sharing goodness and gratitude in your corner of the world.