Everyone knows you can feel the tingle of love! It’s not just in your head or in your heart but you can feel it in your whole body. It’s a vibration of positive energy that radiates from you, within you and around you. It’s a glorious feeling!

Not sure you believe in love as a physical sensation? Just watch a parent snuggle their child or think of a time when you just radiated love and joy because you were on the way to meet up with a loved one. Or think of that warm radiating feeling that you sense from your cat or dog when you pick them up after you come home at the end of a long day!

Love is in the air and it’s yours to grab hold of. Wouldn’t you love to feel that feeling of love more often and more consistently? I think we all would!

There is a way you can keep vibrating at that special level of awareness and it’s through being grateful. It turns out that gratitude is a universal kind of love, a way that you can show love and receive those feelings of warmth in return.

Whenever you love someone special in your life, you cannot help but feel gratitude for their presence and I’m a big fan of expressing that gratitude! Write a note, send a card and you can both feel the love.

I have done a lot of reading and research on the relationship between love and gratitude, and I have really resonated with the ideas put forward by author David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. He’s an internationally renowned psychiatrist, consciousness researcher, and speaker, as well as having written eight books on spiritual development.

In particular, he has done ground-breaking work in calibrating the many levels of consciousness that we as humans have. He believes, as I do, that we vibrate at certain levels depending on our moods, choices, life experiences, and awareness. He studied a way to measure the vastly different “levels” of consciousness that we as humans feel and he used kinesthetic muscle testing to numerically calibrate human consciousness (vibration) on a logarithmic scale of 1 to 1000.

The ultimate map of these levels that Dr. Hawkins developed turned out to be highly consistent with most spiritual teachings. His scale runs from the lowest vibrational range of shame to the highest level of human consciousness which is enlightenment.

Personally, I was thrilled to discover that the levels of vibration for love and for gratitude line up so closely on his scale! On his Map of Consciousness, appreciation calibrates at 500+ and appears at the same general level as love, joy, and unconditional love.

His findings confirmed what I’ve personally felt for years. When we keep our vibration high, we are happier, more loving and more in the flow of goodness. Certain activities help us keep our internal vibration high and one of them is definitely gratitude. Being thankful and expressing gratitude raises your vibration to the same level as love and joy.

Time to amp up your love vibration? It’s easy. You can boost your vibration of love by increasing your daily level of gratitude. Just be thankful for everyone and everything in your life and spread thanks to others around you at every opportunity you have. I’m going to keep writing on this subject for a few more blogs, so please stay tuned.

For now though, I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences below. Thanks for sharing and thank you for spreading thanks in your corner of the world.