How many times have you thought, “I really should send a note of thanks to so-and-so,” but then you didn’t do it? Time passed and you felt bad about not sending it sooner, and then it was too late. Well, I don’t think it’s ever too late to send thanks. It just takes a small initial action and before you know it, you’re in the flow.

Here’s how it works!

1. Instead of just thinking about sending a thank you note, what if you just did it? Quite the concept, right?! Just sit down and get to it. Pick up your pen and a card or even a scrap of paper (it really doesn’t matter) and get writing.

When you dare to make the first move, it will flow. That’s the way it is with anything in life. Taking action gives you wings. By taking that first little step of picking up the pen and putting it to paper, you overcome your doubts or fears. You stop over-thinking or worrying or making excuses and you take action. It feels great! I know that for sure because I do it every morning!

2. Once you thank the person at the top of your mind, congratulate yourself. You did it! Yay! Then address the envelope and send it. Or drop to their house or on their desk at work. Picture that person opening the card and being so delighted to hear from you. Then, since you felt good and they felt good, why not try it again the next day? It’s only a small action but it makes a world of difference when you connect in this way.

Creating Connection

Even if you think that you have no one else to thank on Day Two…you do! You can thank a neighbor for a kindness last week or jot a note of appreciation to a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time. Maybe someone from another department really helped you out during the last month-end chaos at work. Any of these people would be so surprised to get a note of thanks from you.

Or maybe it’s your daughter or son. You could thank them for calling you last week on your birthday. Let them know how much you really appreciated hearing their voice. Cards are a fun way to thank them because everyone loves getting a real piece of mail. They will know your handwriting from the envelope and their heart will leap! And you just might start to get a few more regular calls in the future or a note of thanks back, you never know.

Once you take action and are in the daily flow of life, you’ll begin to see that the possibilities for a note of thanks are endless. There is always someone every day who has done a good turn and deserves to be thanked. Maybe it’s a service provider or it could even be a young person in your life who could use a boost. Believe me, if I can find a thank you note recipient in my own city of Scranton, Pennsylvania, every single day  — so can you!

Keeping It Going

One action leads to the next. If you’re unsure where to find someone’s address, just ask! If you’re afraid that you’re not good with words and your handwriting is poor, then just write out something simple and heartfelt in printed lettering instead of cursive writing. The recipient won’t care. I’ve even gotten a perfectly readable thank you note from a 5-year-old and it made my day! If she can spread thanks, surely all the rest of us can too.

Just remember, taking action is the difference between staying stuck and creating a life of connection and meaning. It’s the life we all crave and you can have it by taking a simple first step. I would love to hear how taking up your pen and taking action has worked for you. It would be great if you would share your ideas below and thanks for spreading thanks in your corner of the world!