When I read on his website that Jeffrey Shaw is a visionary and strategic thinker who encourages entrepreneurs and innovators to follow a quest that is bigger than they can imagine, I thought, “Wow, his podcast show sounds like it would be a perfect match for my Spread Thanks message. My quest is big! Those of you who follow me know I was inspired to be a beacon to the world through the practice of sending a thank you note a day. Not an easy quest, but I love it! And I really love talking about it and engaging new people in the practice.

The Pitch

I set out to see if I could find a way to pitch my concept to Jeffrey to see if it could be featured on an upcoming podcast. What happened next had a few ups and downs on my end, but I’m happy to report that the interview is done and it’s going to be posted today! July 3, 2019! Here’s the background on how it became a reality and how much fun it was. Plus it’s available on his archive if you happen to be reading this at a future date.

My friend Stephanie, who loves my mission, put me in touch with the person who schedules Jeffrey’s podcasts and she, in turn, asked me to fill out the application, which I did with excitement. I was told that the podcast gets hundreds of pitches a month, but I felt like the energy was on my side. This could even be one of my daily miracles, I thought. A daily miracle is that special thing that has happened each day since I started my gratitude practice. It can be a big miracle or a little one, but it’s always special, and I make note of it each night, calling it my daily miracle.

The Miracle

Sure enough, I did get a note from the show not long after to let me know they wanted to book a date with me and I was thrilled. Miracle in place! Then trying to get the technology to work at my end seemed like it was 2 steps forward, 3 steps back, but I was very determined. I kept a cool head and we finally got all the tech to sync up (mine at my home office and his in his studio). I took another deep breath; the third time was the charm!

I was a bit nervous, but Jeffrey was a complete professional. He calls his online community, “Creative Warriors” (creativewarriorsunite.com). His mission is to show entrepreneurs how to make a deeper connection with customers by improving their daily experience. In fact, he describes his business as having a soul which I find quite refreshing! I expect that I could learn quite a few things from him because he shows individuals how to take measurable action steps to make their quest a reality.

The Discussion

I felt a bit daunted while prepping for the podcast interview, because as of June 2019, it has had more than a million downloads and they’ve created a total of 500 episodes! It was so exciting, there I was, settled into my chair, professional headset with a big microphone on my head, and we were off.

Our conversation went very smoothly. His questions were great, and the time passed quickly. I was at ease almost immediately, like talking to a friend. I especially liked it when we spoke about all the different kinds of thank you notes you can send (past, present, and future) and why it’s so important to the Spread Thanks movement that you write out your cards in pen. Handwriting with ink carries your unique energy and makes the receiver feel even more honored when they open your card.

The Practice

Jeffery and I also talked at length about the awesome power of gratitude. We spoke about how this practice is transforming people’s lives, improving all aspects for them, just through sending a single note a day. Plus we talked about the daily miracle that comes your way each day, just for good measure!

I would be so happy for you to link into the podcast when it is posted today or plan to listen over the coming week. You’ll be joining his extensive community of “Creative Warriors” who live and work in more than 200 countries around the world. The podcast will be available on most of the usual download services, or you can hear it through his website where he has the interviews posted and archived. Here’s the link:  https://creativewarriorsunite.com/category/podcast/

I really want to thank Jeffrey and his team at the podcast so much. And thank you for tuning in to hear our conversation. I feel blessed and it was a wonderful daily miracle, how well it went. If you have comments about what you hear in our chat, thank you for sharing them below. It’s wonderful to know we have so many people spreading thanks in their corner of the world.