Everyone loves to have an edge, to be on the cusp, to be successful and prosperous! I do too. And I believe that if your job has to do with sales of any kind, or if you work on team projects, one of the best ways you can position yourself for success and prosperity is to develop great relationships. You can do this in many ways but here’s an idea you might not have tried: it’s called spreading thanks and I’m happy to explain why it works so well in the workplace.

Reach Out

What I’m suggesting is that you reach out and share gratitude each day with people in all your circles. Think about current customers, new leads, repeat business, your own head office, your teammates, your networking groups, basically it works with anyone. Just send out one thank you note per day, every day, and watch how it affects everyone around you — even yourself.

I’ve been doing this daily gratitude practice for a few years now and it has enriched my life in so many ways, including boosting the sale results I experience. Doing well in sales does have many factors of course, but for me, I feel that gratitude plays a huge part.

I am thankful for everyone who helps me and I’m not shy to show it! People in all my circles have told me they really appreciate the thank you notes I write and send. It makes them feel special and to me, they are special. So many individuals help me make connections, smooth over issues that arise, fill out paperwork and enter the product orders, and generally help things flow smoothly at every step.

Take The Time

It’s not very time-consuming, writing just one note a day and sending it, but it pays me back in so many wonderful ways. I like to send at note of thanks at various stages in the process, not just when we close the deal, but at other times too. Maybe it’s when we have a first meeting, and everyone shows up fully prepared. Or maybe it’s after a working phone call where we settled an important part of the puzzle. Or perhaps when we all met some milestone along the path in the sales process. I don’t overdo it, but I send a hand-written note whenever I feel I want to express my thanks to them. I’m sincere and they know it — and it works miracles!

Starting each day by sending out a personalized thank you card sets the tone for more good feelings and prosperity to flow my way. Sometimes those thank you cards are to clients but I also send them to people inside the company, in my networking groups or to friends, family or strangers. Whoever gets one, it all contributes to a feeling that I am in the flow, that good things are happening and of course — good things keep happening!

Support Everyone

Here’s another way I know it works. The team at our head office helps me tremendously to meet the sales goals, supporting me with the administrative assistance on the contracts for example, and this year has really been an awesome year. I think gratitude and hard work have made an exceptional combination.

Why not try this yourself? No man or woman is an island and sales don’t happen in a vacuum. Progress is about working together toward a common purpose and I am truly thankful for the folks around me who have my back.

I also find that doors open when we watch out for each other. That’s why I make it a point to mail out a note to anyone who has introduced me to a new potential client. I send them a little thank you card immediately because it may turn into business or it may not. It doesn’t matter which way it goes, because the thank you is for the referral. And I seem to get a lot more referrals by doing it this way.

In fact, anyone who helps me in any way is worthy of notice, and all I’m doing is taking notice. Being kind and sending them a note of thanks. Now I smile at everyone I meet. I assume our interaction, whatever it might be, will be a positive one, and you guessed it! It turns out to be positive!

The miracle of this simple practice is that it works for everyone and doesn’t take all that much effort once you commit to it. The bottom line is that prosperity comes to you when you trust in the richness of gratitude. For more ideas or resources on getting started, please visit my website or read my book, Spread ThanksHow can you use gratitude to increase your own riches? Thank you for sharing your ideas below, and thanks for spreading thanks each and every day.