How to Make Yourself More Miracles

Who wouldn’t want more miracles in their lives? I think everyone would and I have discovered an awesome and proven way to attract more miracles into your life. Spreading Thanks I do it through my practice of spreading thanks which is where I send out one handwritten...

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How Your Pen Keeps You Connected

How many people struggle today with maintaining authentic personal connections? In our modern gadget-filled world, sometimes we are so busy keeping up that we end sacrificing our authentic friendships with others. We text rather than call and we seem to never actually...

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How Teachers Change Our Lives Forever

One of my favorite workshop activities is when I ask participants to think of someone special who changed their life. I want to know whom they would thank who was truly inspirational and motivational to them, from any point in their lives, and most of them immediately...

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Walking Right Into Gratitude

Gratitude knows no bounds and has no walls. I love the many ways you can express and experience thankfulness and now that summer is coming to a close, it’s time to put on your comfy shoes and step your way into gratitude. So what if life is hectic and you wonder when...

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