My gratitude practice is a simple and fun way to start each day.

Start by being mindful. Engage in life and each day you will find someone special to thank with your daily note.

When you write your thank you note, feel the joy and let your emotions flow through your hand to the pen and on to the note.

Send your note…, watch for miracles…, and record them in your journal.

“Your handwriting is unique to you,
to receive something you’ve written is a gift.”

In the beginning of my daily thank you note practice, I saw how the Universe would respond by bringing good stuff into my life. That was great in and of itself. But what happened over time was that I shifted… became a better Elena – present, mindful, kinder and grateful for everything. I fell in love with my life – all of it, the good, bad and the ugly.


So, start with a thank you note, journal your daily miracles, and expect the Universe to give you more of what you want…more money, better relationships, a new job, or whatever your heart desires. As you continue this practice, you’ll gain far more than you could’ve ever imagined. That is my promise. And I am living proof.

Not sure about how to write a thank you note? Download my “How to Write a Thank You Note” PDF and a sample thank you note. Just remember that what you write doesn’t have to be perfect or complicated. A simple, heartfelt note can bring so much joy.

How to Write A Thank You Note

Use the Spread Thanks book, notes, and journal to find out more about this fabulous practice. You’ll find helpful hints, miraculous stories, sample thank you notes, and so much more. For a look at a journal entry, click on the link below.


Now that we’re Gratitude Gurus, let’s join forces! We want to hear from you: please share your thoughts, experiences, challenges, miracles, and gratitude “aha! moments” with us. Send me a message.